Befriend + Defend
Befriend + Defend
Befriend + Defend

Befriend + Defend

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Here's how its works:

1) If you want a copy of this T-shirt click "out of stock? Click here" button

2) Select a size.

3) Add in your email

4) When 50 people like you who also want a copy, You will get a email to say this item has gone to production and is ready to buy!

5) Enter your 10% discount code included in the email and be the first to own a copy and get it cheaper than anyone else!


Please only put your name down if you really want a copy.

There's no saying how long it will take to get the votes in so please be patient, it could be a week it could be a month.

Once the design gets the go ahead from you lovely people then it will move from this section of the site into the T-shirt collection.

Sizing and material is the same as our other T-shirts

SO, Lets see what you think!?



All sizing guides are at the end of product photos.

All caps and beanies are one size fits all.

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